Using the cloud for contextual marketing

The retail industry is constantly trying to find new ways to meet customer demands by implementing advanced marketing strategies. In today's world, decision-makers are recognizing the potential that cloud computing provides in regard to deploying context-aware coupons, which are specific offers and promotions delivered to the right consumers at the right time.

The benefits of using cloud solutions for context-aware marketing was highlighted in a recent report by Forbes, which noted that cloud-based platforms are revolutionizing the shopping experience by giving individuals the unique ability to make purchases from anywhere at anytime. Furthermore, organizations supporting cloud ecommerce platforms also have the ability to leverage real-time data integration and intelligence tools that provide insight into consumer trends and demands.

Forbes said cloud hosting services are important for contextual marketing because they provide access to advanced analytic solutions, which are becoming increasingly important in the highly competitive retail industry. Cloud-based systems also give decision-makers the ability to browse prior purchases and returns by consumers, enabling organizations to paint a more vivid picture of the ecommerce landscape.

Why use cloud-based contextual marketing?
The benefits of using cloud context-aware advertising platforms extend to both customers and retailers. Regarding customers, Forbes noted that organizations using the tools can stock items more appropriately, meaning the company will not run out of popular products as quickly as they did in the past. Individuals can also use more relevant offers when they intend to buy.

Obviously, using an advanced marketing solution will give retailers the unique ability to generate more revenue by attracting a wider range of customers and driving sales, Forbes reported. Decision-makers will also determine which selling strategies work the best.

A separate report by Silverpop said adopting a cloud-based context-aware marketing strategy will become increasingly important in 2013, especially as companies look for unified platform that prioritizes customer behavior and automation.

"Delivering timely, personalized and relevant messages to buyers is crucial in today's customer-driven sales process," said Bryan Brown, director of product strategy at Silverpop. "It's time for marketers to stop sending messages when it's convenient for them, and start reacting to their buyers' behaviors. In 2013, focusing on the customer will be crucial."

As the cloud matures, using a contextual marketing platform will be easier than ever before, allowing organizations of all sizes to gain a competitive advantage and increase sales.

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