Data center operations optimized with cloud services

The data center is experiencing constant transformation as virtualization, cloud computing and other innovative technologies continue to be introduced to the private sector. The cloud is forecast to be a particularly disruptive, as decision-makers around the world will leverage the hosted services in their data center to optimize services, reduce costs and improve the availability of mission-critical resources.

In many cases, cloud services will infiltrate the data center with or without permission from chief information officers, according to a survey by Computacenter. In fact, more than 98 percent of businesses claim they already have at least one cloud-based solution in place.

The big data phenomenon has had a major impact on cloud computing adoption in the data center, as the growing volumes of resources has introduced an information sprawl in which digital assets are expanding at a rate that is sometimes uncontrollable. As a result, decision-makers are forced to adapt quickly or they risk exposing confidential data that has slipped through the crack.

Data centers and the cloud
Computacenter noted that off-premise offerings continue to make themselves known to CIOs, which in turn forces decision-makers to ensure in-house operations are in tip-top shape. This is driving many firms to implement the private cloud, which can be managed on-site but still offers all the server optimization qualities as it's off-site, public counterpart.

Enhancing server performance is often cited as one of the main reasons for adopting the cloud, as roughly 90 percent of data center capacity goes unused, Computacenter reported.

A separate report by TechRepublic highlighted how companies continue to adopt hosted infrastructure services to improve data center operations. This is because cloud solutions have inherent security capabilities that make them much safer than many traditional virtual environments. The cloud also enables individuals to access its contents from anywhere in the work at any time on any device, which is especially important in today's highly mobile business world.

As the cloud becomes ubiquitous in today's private sector, the technology will inevitably make it into the data center to help companies improve efficiency and potentially give them a competitive advantage over rival organizations still using outdated solutions. The fact that Computacenter noted that roughly a quarter of businesses already have multiple cloud services in full-scale use just goes to show the ongoing adoption of hosted tools in the data center.

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