Businesses like cloud infrastructure's scalability, security

While the overall cloud landscape is picking up momentum, cloud infrastructure services in particular are seeing significant rises in adoption rates. Servers, web hosting and storage are all part of this market segment that is gathering awareness, but it is the latter that many businesses are interested in.

A recent study by TwinStrata highlighted how cloud storage solutions are being deployed by a significant portion of the private sector, including both large enterprises and small businesses. This is largely because most decision-makers feel like they are constantly running out of space to host mission-critical resources.

The survey revealed that more than two-thirds of respondents with plans to implement the cloud said they feel like they are regularly running out of storage space. By using the cloud, organizations can take advantage of the unique scalable qualities of the hosted service, allowing decision-makers to essentially have an unlimited amount of capacity and only pay for what they use.

Why should companies use cloud infrastructure services?
Unlike traditional environments, a cloud infrastructure can offer a multitude of benefits to its users. TwinStrata highlighted this when it found that roughly 90 percent of companies either currently use or planto deploy cloud services not only because of its scalable characteristics, but also because of its inherent business continuity benefits.

Approximately 80 percent of executives said they can recover data hosted in the cloud in less than 24 hours, while roughly 25 percent said they can restore resources instantaneously, according to the study. Conversely, roughly one in six decision-makers not using the cloud said it takes them more than a week to recover from an emergency.

Further, more than two-thirds of survey respondents said the native data protection capabilities of the cloud make it a much safer environment to host mission-critical resources. This was echoed in another study by CA Technologies, which found that more than half of American businesses intend to use the cloud as a part of their business continuity strategies this year.

"It is broadly acknowledged that cloud computing can offer many benefits to organizations that require more agile and cost-effective ways of delivering IT services," said Bill Mann, senior vice president of data management at CA Technologies. "This survey reveals that one of those benefits is improved data protection - which remains a huge challenge in conventional, non-cloud environments."

As cloud infrastructure services continue to mature, decision-makers will see the potential of using the technology beyond its traditional storage capabilities, making the hosted services a crucial component of the private sector.

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