Ovum predicts complex ecosystems, data to drive cloud in 2013

While the cloud has gained significant momentum in the last several years, 2013 will be when it truly takes off, largely driven by the ongoing need for businesses to reduce expenses in today's macroeconomic crisis and the demand for an efficient way to manage the big data phenomenon. This was highlighted in a recent report by research firm Ovum, which said 2013 will see the emergence of the cloud ecosystem - public clouds used for both technology delivery platforms and central hubs for service providers and users.

"Cloud computing promises to tackles two hitherto irreconcilable IT challenges: the need to reduce costs and the need to boost innovation," said Laurent Lachal, senior analyst at Ovum. "It takes a lot of effort from vendors and enterprises to actually make it work, and they will succeed in making it work in 2013, both on their own and as part of increasingly complex ecosystems."

The cloud ecosystem provides a unique opportunity for businesses to accelerate their participation in the rapidly evolving IT landscape by collaborating with other organizations. Lachal said there are even firms embracing the "data center as a hub" mantra, which is an environment assembled of several partners around key locations used for financial exchanges, media content and online services.

In today's highly digital age, data will also be the oil that gets the cloud moving, Ovum reported.

Big data and the cloud
The ongoing use of cloud services, social media and advanced applications generates a lot of data for the private sector that in turn needs to be analyzed so it can be used. This trend is compounded when the consumerization of IT, big data and information processing strategies are also introduced in the private sector, Ovum reported.

"Some vendors played the cloud data card early, but the cloud data production, brokerage, and consumption ecosystem is still in the making and will continue to evolve over the next five years," Lachal said.

In a separate Forrester Research blog post, analyst Holger Kisker said big data will play an important role in the ongoing development of the cloud, as businesses of all sizes will take advantage of hosted analytics, storage and infrastructure services that can make handling big data less complicated.

As information continues to be produced by a wide variety of new solutions in the workplace, decision-makers will need to implement innovative tools to utilize these resources effectively.

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