Deloitte predicts the post-digital age is here

The advent of cloud services, social networking and big data are pushing the enterprise into what Deloitte is calling the "post-digital" era. This will be a period when decision-makers take the time to carefully assess each emerging technology and incorporate it into their overall business strategy, rather than jumping headfirst and tacking it on as an afterthought.

A recent report by Deloitte highlighted this occurrence, noting that there will be two general categories for emerging IT trends to fall under: an enabler or a​ disruptor. The former includes technologies that are already in existence and potentially being used by companies that require another evaluation due to new developments. Disruptors, on the other hand, are services that can shake an organization to its core, introducing the opportunity to deploy new business models, IT capabilities and more.

"The post-digital era, like the post-industrial era, reflects a 'new normal' for business and a new basis for competition," said Mark White, principal and CTO at Deloitte Consulting. "In post-industrial times, we didn't forego industrialization, we embraced it. The post-digital era is similar, but with digitalization as its core."

Major tech trends of 2013
The move to implement cloud infrastructure services, mobile computing and social engineering will be spurred by CIOs throughout the private sector. Decision-makers will fuse people and technology in an effort to open new doors, gain valuable insight into the consumer landscape and introduce new questions that will drive evolution, Deloitte reported.

"Post-digital's potential can spur both offensive and defensive responses," said Bill Briggs, deputy CTO at Deloitte Digital. "On one side lies opportunity for innovation. On the other, the existential threat of disruption. Every industry may be affected by the underlying digital forces. Every market may be reshaped by their controlled collision."

Gartner highlighted how the cloud in particular will reshape the decision-maker mindset in 2013, as IT departments will play multiple important roles in the future of the enterprise. Not only will new jobs be formed around the cloud, but executives will rely more heavily on cloud services to perform a number of day-to-day tasks.

When executives plan ahead and embrace innovative IT services before they become the norm, their organization can gain a competitive advantage and support innovation - tasks that can be difficult for companies still using legacy equipment. As technology evolves, the business world will be forced to adapt with it or risk facing significant challenges.

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