CIO responsibility changes driven by cloud

The IT landscape is rapidly transforming, introducing changes throughout the enterprise in terms of what technologies are used in the workplace and the responsibilities of senior executives. The role of the chief information officer in particular is modifying because of the growing presence of cloud computing in the private sector, as the hosted services provide organizations with new ways to deliver applications, connect remote workers and improve a number of operations.

A study of more than 100 CIOs by Brocade highlighted these changes, noting that about half of respondents said the ongoing cloud adoption in the workplace is changing how decision-makers recognize IT. In the coming years, the managed services will enable executives to spend less time worrying about the fine details of IT. By taking the appropriate management precautions, organizations can use cloud infrastructure services to enhance network security and availability.

"To access applications, information and communications systems, the network is not just another 'device' in the same way as a tablet, laptop or smartphone - it is the enabler of all business communications, activities and transactions," said Alberto Soto, executive at Brocade. "If that network is not managed and developed appropriately, the consequences can be significant and financially damaging."

Where the cloud comes into play
The survey revealed that more than a third of CIOs have already deployed the cloud in their organization, with two-thirds saying they expect to use the cloud much more by 2020. In the coming years, CIOs will become more involved in enforcing cloud policies throughout the company and be the mediator between business teams looking to use the hosted services and the vendors.

"The CIO will remain strategic to the business, but will assume a myriad of new responsibilities as network usage evolves in the coming years," Soto said. "CIOs need to therefore work closely with infrastructure partners to identify the best tools to help their businesses flourish."

A separate TechTarget report also highlighted how big data will continue to change the CIO's perspective on the IT landscape, providing more long-term reasons to implement the cloud to manage, analyze and use large volumes of information. As organizations continue to adopt mobile gadgets and other advanced technologies, using the cloud will make more sense in the long run.

While the private sector continues to evolve, CIOs and other executives will change their responsibilities to stay on pace with transformations.

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