Private cloud can be more secure than in-house tools

As companies increase their use of digital technologies, decision-makers are burdened with the responsibility of keeping larger volumes of highly sensitive information safe. Failing to do so will only invite new complications and expenses. While in-house storage environments can be effective in some instances, executives should not overlook the cloud, as the hosted structures can be fortified to be extremely resilient.

The private cloud in particular is quickly garnering attention for its ability to keep confidential resources protected, according to a Computing report. In many cases, migrating sensitive data to a private cloud will enable decision-makers to make those assets safer and easier to manage without jeopardizing availability.

"It seems a mismatch in someone's knowledge to say 'we need to keep this in-house' when it's actually safer in the cloud," said Jayson Dudley, group infrastructure manager at accountancy firm Mazars, according to Computing. "It's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned; we should switch to a more agile cloud than trying to provide it internally."

The truth about cloud security
Dudley told Computing that a lot of organizations are making the switch to a private cloud infrastructure setting, as this will make it easier to keep mission-critical resources protected when introducing new maintenance or accessibility issues. Because the cloud is so open, decision-makers can implement advanced perimeter tools like identity and access management that prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the network.

CA Technologies highlighted similar findings in a study of more than 300 North American companies, which revealed that more than three-quarters of U.S. respondents are storing data in private cloud environments. Furthermore, approximately 84 percent of these decision-makers believe doing so keeps confidential assets protected.

"It is broadly acknowledged that cloud computing can offer many benefits to organizations that require more agile and cost-effective ways of delivering IT services," said Bill Mann, senior vice president of data management at CA Technologies. "This survey reveals that one of those benefits is improved data protection - which remains a huge challenge in conventional, non-cloud environments."

As the private cloud continues to gain momentum in the coming years, more enterprises will be inclined to migrate sensitive information to the hosted environment in an effort to keep those assets safe. By planning ahead and developing a strong adoption policy, the private cloud can become a critical security add-on for confidential data.

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