Management tools enhance cloud security, operations

Keeping the cloud safe can be much more challenging than protecting traditional IT environments. This is because the same security services and controls are used to defend the cloud as those leveraged within legacy architectures, but the risks associated with the cloud can be much greater. Fortunately, decision-makers have the option to use cloud management tools to strengthen cloud computing resources and minimize threats.

A recent TechTarget report highlighted how cloud providers all take a unique approach to defending the cloud, as some will only go so far as protecting the hypervisor, while others focus more heavily on keeping applications, infrastructure and data safe. By using simple, affordable and effective cloud management consoles, IT executives and security professionals can gain unique insight into the virtual environment by monitoring bandwidth consumption, applications deployments and overall cloud usage.

TechTarget said cloud management consoles can be a win-win for IT and security, as the platforms provide both teams with critical information needed to develop future technical strategies. In most cases, these tools can be used to define specific roles in the cloud, set parameters for usage and capacity and even establish alerts that indicate if something has gone wrong in the hosted environment.

What should companies look for in cloud management consoles?
Because each company is different and has a unique set of demands and goals, decision-makers need to implement management tools with the features that cater to their firm's specific needs, TechTarget said. Although executives have the choice of buying a platform from a service provider, most instances will require IT managers to customize the resource to develop a robust cloud security posture in their particular industry.

A report by Gartner revealed that the cloud management market is estimated to have generated approximately $3.3 billion in revenue in 2012. This suggests that the majority of the private sector needs these consoles to enhance operations in the cloud without introducing any security risks that could jeopardize finances, efficiency and confidentiality.

By recognizing their specific cloud management requirements, forward-thinking executives can find the appropriate tools for their organizations' use of the cloud. This will strengthen their ability to remain competitive in the coming years, as the consoles enable individuals to use the cloud to its full potential.

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