Monitoring as a Service picks up speed

Because cloud computing is becoming such a critical aspect of business operations throughout the private sector, decision-makers need to monitor the hosted environments if they want to meet all of their performance demands. For this reason, Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is gaining momentum, as it gives IT teams greater visibility into the flexible network.

MaaS is becoming even more important as companies around the world embrace the DevOps mentality to create and launch their own software. TechTarget said if enterprises adopt agile development strategies but are unable to check in on the performance of next-generation applications, they will experience difficulties migrating those solutions to various cloud environments.

Unlike legacy monitoring tools that require multiple servers and components, cloud-based MaaS is easier to operate, manage and deploy.

"If you don't [monitor performance], cloud computing is going to be a disaster - you can't get around the need to monitor everything," said Bernd Harzog, analyst with The Virtualization Practice, according to TechTarget. "Vendors have made [traditional] monitoring software complex and difficult to use. [The] solution that's easier to implement is Monitoring as a Service."

Why is cloud monitoring important?
MaaS is gaining momentum in the private sector because it enables decision-makers to keep an eye on newly deployed cloud infrastructure environments without investing excessive capital and other resources.

Because the cloud leverages a pay-per-use model, decision-makers using monitoring tools also have a better chance to predict future bills by observing how often individuals use the hosted services at any given moment, TechTarget noted. This is critical in today's economy when unnecessary spending can cripple a firm's long-term strategies.

Another Frost & Sullivan report said the private sector is using cloud monitoring to observe how efficient apps are running in the hosted environments.

"Besides testing the cloud infrastructure for security, scalability and performance, enterprises also seek insights into the performance of applications hosted in the cloud environment," said Srihari Padmanabhan, senior research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

As organizations around the world use the cloud, it will become increasingly important that decision-makers have the ability to monitor the technology's performance and availability, as lacking in either of these departments can impair a firm's ability to compete in the long run. By planning ahead and working with a trusted provider, companies can use MaaS to ensure their use of the cloud is efficient.

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