Planning ensures cloud functionality delivers

As the private sector continues making headway toward mainstream cloud adoption, experts encourage decision-makers to take their time during the migration. By planning ahead and understanding the ins and outs of the hosted services, organizations will more likely experience a greater return on investment (ROI), which is one of the most important metrics when evaluating a new technology.

Computerworld noted that it is sometimes difficult to assess the true value of the cloud, especially when using it across multiple departments for various reasons. It is important that executives take a step back and assess whether implementing a cloud infrastructure or several applications will truly benefit the company.

Industry experts said rushing a cloud deployment is among the most common problems the private sector faces with the hosted services. Because the cloud is not necessarily a viable solution for every problem, it is critical that decision-makers weigh the costs and benefits of each implementation, minimizing the chances they will invest in something that will not deliver results for all expectations.

"It is significant that the enterprise market is really moving to the public cloud at quite a glacial pace and I think it's because they know ROI is much more complex than just the avoidance of hardware and software costs," said Marc Brien, vice president of research for IT consulting firm Domicity, according to Computerworld.

Positive ROI is a cloud must
Because the majority of the private sector is moving to the public cloud doesn't mean that every organization shares the same ideals. Gartner revealed that the market for the public cloud is forecast to grow 18.5 percent in 2013 to generate roughly $131 billion in revenue. Yet enterprises will take various approaches to the cloud due to internal demands, federal compliance laws and additional factors.

Computerworld noted that some organizations prioritize security over costs, while others emphasize the importance of capacity, speed and connectivity. Regardless of which cloud capability has been deemed most important, decision-makers need to take the time to weigh the potential pros and cons of using the cloud in the workplace. If a company cannot experience a positive ROI, it will likely have trouble surviving in the long run due to insufficient funds or operations.

As cloud computing adoption strategies become more prevalent throughout the private sector, executives must consider their options and only select cloud offerings that guarantee genuine improvements.

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