Cloud important for collaboration endeavors

As the IT infrastructure landscape changes due to ongoing transformations in business operations, decision-makers around the world are turning to cloud computing in an effort to leverage the most innovative technology available without introducing unnecessary challenges. The ways in which companies are using the cloud vary by organization, though many are using the services to augment storage and collaborative strategies.

This was highlighted in a recent Critical Path survey of several hundred IT professionals throughout the United States, U.K. and Japan, which found that more than half of respondents said they are considering leveraging public or private cloud services for their next email deployment.

"We know customers demand choice in how they deploy messaging solutions," said Michael Chernoff, vice president of marketing at Critical Path. "Even with adoption rates varying across the world, it's clear that cloud is becoming an increasingly important part of the mix."

What executives think about the cloud
Despite the widespread use of the cloud across the private sector, decision-makers generally consider a multitude of factors before implementing the technology for good. The survey revealed that 58 percent of respondents consider data integrity and system downtime before deploying the cloud, while another 50 percent of IT professionals think about where resources are stored when in the hosted environment.

Critical Path also revealed that approximately 47 percent of business executives consider how the cloud can improve continuity efforts before implementing the technology. A separate survey by Computer Weekly and TechTarget revealed that roughly 29 percent of organizations intend to use technologies to improve disaster recovery efforts within the next six months, up from about 18 percent that are doing so now.

After witnessing how Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters of 2012 impacted the business world, companies are taking a new approach to recovery initiatives, as the sooner operations can be restored, the more likely that firm will survive the incident. This is especially important for messaging and other collaborative tools that ensure individuals are able to communicate with colleagues, clients and partners when they need to.

In the coming years, the cloud will become an increasingly important part of everyday business operations. This means that decision-makers need to take the time to plan initiatives carefully or risk encountering obstacles that can put a dent in operations.

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