Embracing a DevOps mentality

The consumerization of IT has had a major impact on the creation of applications, as companies around the world are now leveraging more mobile- and cloud-based software than ever before. This occurrence led to the construction of the DevOps approach, which is the convergence of development, support and quality assurance teams.

A Technorati report noted that today's developers want access to the most innovative computing solutions that are scalable, agile and support automated technologies. For this reason, many organizations embracing the DevOps mentality are also deploying cloud computing services, as doing so will make it easier for employees to leverage mission-critical resources from virtually anywhere without disrupting the software development process.

Businesses that struggle to create and release sophisticated applications in a timely manner should consider adopting a DevOps approach, as this will streamline the process. By incorporating automated tools into the mix, it is easier for firms to launch advanced software.

"DevOps simplifies the complex release management process for an organization through standardization of all development environments," technology evangelist Vahid Razavi said, according to Technorati. "This largely improves efficiency and accelerates software development and deployment cycles. It is best if this automation is done in specific non-production platforms to give developers more control over the environment."

While DevOps platforms can introduce a number of unique advantages to organizations looking to create and deploy next-generation applications, decision-makers must be sure to take the time to guarantee that a particular offering will provide real benefits. Technorati stated that executives need to observe how a solution can protect mission-critical data. If a system is unable to prevent sensitive information from slipping through the cracks, it will not provide any substantial profits.

Technorati also noted that companies need to check the resiliency of the platform, as a rigid, inflexible offering will not be able to take advantages of a flexible cloud infrastructure.

A separate study of application testing professionals by Shunra highlighted that DevOps was ranked as the second-most important concept when establishing a culture that prioritizes performance. This suggests that creating a well-rounded software development process requires the entire organization to embrace the same philosophy, not just a siloed department.

In the coming years, the DevOps movement will grow increasingly common in the private sector, especially as cloud and mobile technologies continue to proliferate. Decision-makers need to take the time to plan their strategies as to avoid unnecessary complications along the path to success.

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