SDN invites new agile opportunities

Software defined networking (SDN) introduces a new approach to developing and using advanced networks that are capable of supporting next-generation business agility strategies. Unlike traditional technologies, SDN enables firms to quickly establish connections to various endpoints without manually creating policies needed to define those contacts. This is especially important in today's highly mobile and digital business world that has been disrupted by virtualization and cloud computing services.

A recent Gartner report highlighted how SDN has been receiving a lot of attention lately because of its ability to transform the data center network. This is largely because intelligence solutions are centralized and the overall environment is relatively easy to program, giving decision-makers the ability to externally control and automate operations to the scalable and adaptable demands of today's businesses.

SDN also makes it easier for IT departments to connect traditionally disparate components of the network, Gartner noted. This makes the network a more functional and integrated system, giving companies a new approach to conventional operations. Despite these benefits, the SDN market is still evolving, suggesting executives need to consider the ins and outs of SDN technology before embracing it.

Considerations for SDN
As is the case with cloud infrastructure, there are a number of service providers in the market that claim to provide SDN tools because their offerings provide similar opportunities. This "SDN-washing" is becoming more common as the term "SDN" becomes a buzzword in the IT industry, Gartner asserted. For this reason, decision-makers need to take the time to consider the real benefits and capabilities associated with SDN and select a vendor presenting services that meet these parameters.

Additionally, SDN will require internal IT departments to reconsider several strategies, including security. Gartner noted that firms need to reorganize their data protection initiative to align with their SDN approach, as the latter will introduce new opportunities that must be addressed.

A separate SDN Central report highlighted that organizations need to develop a well-rounded framework that describes how the network should be performing at all times. Keeping an eye on these metrics will be important to ensuring security is not inadvertently jeopardized while using SDN.

As innovative technologies continue to emerge in the IT landscape, companies around the world will likely turn to SDN to open up new doors and improve their chances to succeed. By understanding the market and individual corporate demands, decision-makers may be able to embrace SDN to give their organization a competitive advantage.

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