Cloud evolves with business demands

The cloud is a rapidly evolving landscape, not necessarily a single technology, and will continue to transform in the coming years as business demands change and require data center technologies to be more responsive than ever. In fact, cloud computing is already undergoing some of these alterations, especially as the private sector becomes an increasingly competitive environment.

A recent InformationWeek report highlighted some of these transformations, noting that the cloud is moving away from being a traditional transaction arrangement, which observed and recorded all activities, to a "system of engagement" that will be critical to the future business world. Some of these changes are driven by the natural occurrences in the private sector, while others are pushed by the consumerization of IT and big data.

In either case, the evolution of the cloud is changing how individuals and organizations as a whole work.

"I don't think we'll see any more big productivity suites, like Microsoft Office," said Lew Tucker, cloud computing expert at Cisco, according to InformationWeek.

In other words, employees will learn to use the cloud to access a smaller group of advanced applications that support next-generation work habits, as opposed to adopting a massive suite of ambiguous software, the news source stated. This is helping companies be more interactive with their digital environment, essentially turning organizations into organisms.

Consumerization is a large contributor to these changes, as it forces companies to adopt a system that reinforces anytime connectivity and constant collaboration between colleagues, partners and customers. Meanwhile, big data is driving the software defined networking mentality that is more flexible to ongoing changes in and outside of the business world, InformationWeek noted.

A TechTarget report stated that the rapid evolution of the cloud is forcing enterprises and small businesses to address new demands and opportunities or risk falling behind in an environment that demands due diligence. If companies do not embrace the cloud, it will be more challenging for them to adopt bring your own device, other mobile initiatives and big data projects - all of which are critical to long-term success.

As the private sector evolves into a more responsive and integrated environment, decision-makers will need to consider migrating to the cloud or risk facing challenges when tackling other next-generation business endeavors. By planning ahead and working with a trusted provider, finding the appropriate cloud environment will be less difficult.

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