DevOps strategies picking up speed

The emergence of cloud computing, virtualization and other advanced IT services has encouraged decision-makers to look at innovative ways to enhance software development and deployment processes. This is largely because traditional operations are bogged down with manual tasks, which makes the entire procedure slower and more likely to be affected by human error.

Combating these challenges means embracing a new mindset, which many executives are doing through the adoption of DevOps strategies, which stress collaboration between software developers and other IT professionals. A recent study of more than 4,000 IT operations and development executives by Puppet Labs found that the number of organizations adopting DevOps increased by 26 percent since 2011.

There are several reasons for this rise in adoption, most notably the ability to improve efficiency and be more flexible to today's evolving standards.

"We knew DevOps was making a positive impact in the industry and now we have the metrics to prove it," said James Turnbull, vice president of client services at Puppet Labs. "Adopting DevOps practices has made companies more agile, more innovative and better than their competition at managing their infrastructure and applications."

The momentum behind the DevOps movement
The survey found that companies that have adopted DevOps are five times more likely to have better performance metrics than organizations without these strategies in place. In fact, firms with DevOps in place can often deploy code 30 times faster than their competitors and experience 50 percent fewer failures. This is largely because the majority of businesses embracing this mentality use advanced automation and management tools to have better control over various in-house and cloud infrastructure environments.

"DevOps is instrumental in reducing software deployment cycles from days to minutes," said Rob Cornish, chief technology officer at International Securities Exchange. "[Through DevOps we] are able to deploy new features quickly and safely, and rapidly respond to market changes."

A separate report by Wipro Technologies noted that embracing a DevOps mentality alleviates many of the pain points traditionally associated with software deployment processes, especially consistency and collaboration. When a holistic development approach is taken, companies can be sure the software they implement will enable them to gain an advantage over rival firms not yet following the same practices.

As the cloud and other advanced computing technologies mature and evolve in the coming years, adopting a DevOps strategy will become increasingly important to staying relevant and competitive.

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