Cloud plays the 'game-changer' role well

The rapidly evolving IT sector has introduced several "game changers" to the private sector that allow businesses of all sizes to augment operations and potentially reduce costs. Among the many transformations is the ongoing adoption of mobile gadgets in the workplace, as this capability gives individuals more flexibility and freedom. Meanwhile, cloud computing has transformed the way employees carry out mission-critical tasks, allowing work to be done from virtually anywhere.

A recent survey of more than 1,100 IT professionals around the world by CommScope revealed that roughly three-quarters of respondents are already on the road to the cloud. This momentum is bound to keep up in the coming years as the consumerization of IT continues to disrupt business operations.

"The pace of mobility adoption by consumers - and thus the workforce and company visitors - has outrun the infrastructure and practices in place within enterprise facilities to support it," said Kevin St. Cyr, senior vice president of enterprise solutions at CommScope. "This also factors heavily into the uptick in a majority of survey respondents confirming deployment of cloud-based applications."

The future remains cloudy
The study revealed that approximately 44 percent of respondents believe the cloud is a top game changer and its significance will only grow in the future. Another 21 percent of decision-makers said they currently rely on a cloud infrastructure to support roughly half of their applications, though this number is expected to jump to 52 percent in 2017.

While many people commonly associate the cloud with flexibility and scalability, its real importance is its velocity, according to a ZDNet report. Unlike speed, velocity defines an object though measuring how fast it moves in a specific direction. This means that successful cloud services will need to be optimized for specific applications and circumstances,  because without this capability it will not be able to provide any true substantial benefits.

In the coming years, IT decision-makers will focus on developing cloud infrastructure tools that are specialized for delivering, augmenting and maintaining unique solutions, ZDNet noted. These endeavors will ensure the ongoing success of the cloud, as organizations will not necessarily need to worry about various internal technologies needed to support applications. This approach will also give small businesses and large enterprises innovative opportunities to enhance operations and stay competitive in today's rapidly transforming private sector.

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