Cloud computing experience sparks opportunities

Businesses are encountering more benefits and fewer problems with cloud computing than ever before, largely because enterprise decision-makers are becoming more familiar with the technology, thereby reducing unnecessary management complications. As is the case with everything, firms that are more experienced with the cloud are the ones that find it the most advantageous.

A recent study of 625 IT and business professionals by a major cloud management service provider revealed that 77 percent of large companies and 73 percent of smaller organizations are now using the cloud. Interestingly, the survey identified that firms often encountered different benefits and had varying mentalities based on their level of adoption.

According to the report, 17 percent of respondents were "cloud watchers," meaning they are currently developing cloud deployment plans but have not yet implemented the technology, while another 26 percent were deemed "cloud beginners," or organizations that are new to the cloud and working on initial projects. Approximately 23 percent of firms were identified as "cloud explorers" that have followed through on several initiatives and are hosting applications in the cloud, and 26 percent were "cloud focused," as they are using cloud services as a strategic endeavor to improve operations.

Where is cloud energy being spent?
Although a large number of organizations are pursuing multi-cloud projects, companies are increasingly drawn to the private cloud. Meanwhile, more than half of survey respondents are embracing DevOps strategies, which enable them to experience even more cloud opportunities.

Many technology evangelists believe infrastructure services are gaining more momentum than software solutions, suggesting organizations are reinventing the data center to make room for other next-generation initiatives, according to a TechTarget report.

"In our 2013 State of the Cloud survey, we were able to gather meaningful insights as to how an organization's level of cloud maturity impacts both the benefits they are able to realize and the challenges they perceive," cloud management expert Michael Crandell said. "The results reveal a clear cloud value imperative: More cloud adoption unlocks more cloud value."

As cloud opportunities increasingly come to fruition, decision-makers around the world will find the hosted services to be more important than ever, and will invest larger portions of their budgets to ensure cloud projects are carried out successfully and efficiently. By planning ahead and working with a trusted service provider, enterprises can be sure their use of the cloud delivers as many benefits as possible.

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