SDN transforms enterprise data centers

The emergence of virtualization, cloud computing and software defined networking (SDN) is changing the enterprise data center into a smarter, more collaborative environment. SDN in particular is having a major impact on the IT infrastructure landscape and will continue to influence changes in the coming years.

A recent GCN report highlighted this trend, noting that SDN data centers are those that have been virtualized, with the overall architecture being managed with the same policies that are used to maintain software in the workplace.

"What this emerging trend is essentially doing is taking what has happened over the last 15 years with server virtualization and bringing that to the network and storage levels," cloud computing expert Doug Bourgeois said, according to GCN. "Once these three levels of the infrastructure have been virtualized, the data center becomes orders of magnitude more agile than ever before."

Experts believe the proliferation of virtualized and SDN data centers will continue to change the IT landscape, making it easier to manage resources without adding too much complexity.

How SDN is changing the data center
Network solutions expert Anthony Robbins told GCN that the continued use of SDN will drive the cloud infrastructure market forward and eventually influence the end user by introducing new opportunities for social media, bring your own device and other next-generation IT services. Meanwhile, the future data center will make it easier for decision-makers to migrate applications across various virtual and physical environments.

When individuals can access solutions from virtually anywhere on any device, the future enterprise will be much more connected and efficient.

"Perhaps most important, the software-defined data center will finally allow the IT organization to shift resources away from operations and towards helping the mission respond to changing business needs," Bourgeois told GCN.

A recent study by Cisco highlighted that 71 percent of companies plan to deploy SDN solutions within the next year, largely due to the technology's ability to reduce costs and make it easier to scale infrastructure resources. As the demands of tomorrow's business world continue to change, executives will be encouraged to dip their toes into new waters, including SDN and cloud, if they haven't done so already.

By planning ahead and implementing these solutions effectively, organizations of all sizes can augment their data center to make room for future innovations.

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