Businesses beginning to converge data center tools

The cloud infrastructure is changing the data center game, as companies around the world are implementing hosted services as a centralized architecture meant to unify and converge all of their mission-critical resources. In doing so, organizations can provide nearly limitless access to employees, regardless of location or endpoint preference.

A recent study by leading communications company NextiraOne revealed that more than 40 percent of businesses are either implementing or planning to deploy the cloud or some other hosted platform to unify all of their data center needs. In fact, approximately 44 percent of respondents plan on using the hybrid or public cloud to converge their digital assets.

While there are a number of reasons to move to the cloud, 57 percent of decision-makers said doing so was largely to speed up the time it takes to provision servers or add storage capacity. This is because the current processes needed to carry out these tasks take too long and impair efficiency.

"These findings confirm what we have been hearing directly from our customers," said Geraint Davies, the head of business development at NextiraOne. "The survey shows that the industry is at the tipping point of a massive change as organizations streamline their infrastructure and move from silos containing storage, networking and servers towards unified computing platforms."

Tomorrow's data center converged
A CIO report recently highlighted the ongoing trend in the business world to unify everything within the data center, creating a converged infrastructure. This demand is largely due to the proliferation of cloud computing, virtualization, software defined networking and other technologies that are becoming more familiar to decision-makers who understand that combining several of the tools can make it easier to carry out operations.

"People are getting tired of the do-it-yourself model," said Duncan Campbell, an executive at HP, according to CIO. "They're saying, 'Hey, guess what? I can add more value with my team instead of just bolting stuff together.' The dialogue is shifting from the DIY more toward these integrated systems."

While the IT networking landscape hasn't changed much in the past 10 years, it is quickly beginning to transform due to several emerging technologies, CIO noted. By mapping out a cloud project and understanding how unifying multiple tools together can build a better infrastructure as a whole, decision-makers may be able to plan ahead and gain a competitive advantage over firms that are still hesitant about embracing change.

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