Executives must take educated approach to SDN

Enterprise technology continues to evolve and transform, driven by the fluctuating demands of the business world. These changes have been picking up speed as of late, especially as cloud computing and virtualization services are more widely used in the data center. These tools have introduced innovative opportunities and the ability to embrace new operational models.

One such advancement is the use of software defined networking (SDN). Unlike previous infrastructure tools, SDN provides firms with the ability to make changes to their data center without manually configuring hardware, according to a Cloud Times report. By using independent, proprietary software, network operators can optimize and configure the data center much more easily than they could in the past.

Traditional networks were rigid and inflexible, making them troublesome when trying to implement advanced or cloud-based applications. As SDN emerges, however, decision-makers can deploy new techniques to virtualize the network, making it more likely to respond to sophisticated requests more easily, the news source stated.

Cloud Times highlighted how the ongoing demand to virtualize operations and eliminate traditional hierarchical architectures will drive the use of SDN in the workplace, giving organizations of all sizes new chances to augment operations.

Where SDN is really headed
Despite the many benefits of adopting SDN strategies, the fact is that many executives have failed to do so yet. Network Computing noted that SDN holds a number of opportunities; decision-makers just have to pull the trigger.

"[SDN] promises tangible business benefits, including faster provisioning of network resources, more automation and a concomitant reduction in operational expenses, greater flexibility in network configuration and customization, increased utilization of network capacity with a reduction in capital expense and better security," IT expert Kurt Marko said, according to Network Computing.

As these benefits become better understood in the business world, decision-makers need to be prepared for white-washing products that are provided by vendors looking to get a piece of the growing SDN pie. Because SDN is still so loosely defined, executives need to be careful and do their research to ensure they are not ensnared by false providers.

In the coming years, organizations need to consider embracing SDN, cloud and other next-generation technological trends. Rather than being blown away by the benefits and blindly jumping into the market, enterprises need to map out their plan of attack to mitigate any chances of encountering problems along the way.

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