Private cloud may answer big data woes

Today's business world is under a lot of pressure to keep operations running efficiently without straining the budget or adding too much complexity to the workplace. As the volumes of data under corporate control rises, decision-makers need to think of new ways to manage that information in a cost-effective and productive way, as failing to do so will make it more difficult for enterprises to compete.

In many cases, executives are using cloud services to provide IT departments with an affordable and scalable environment that is capable of handling the constant fluctuations associated with data growth, according to a CIO report. But the proliferation of mobile devices has introduced new latency and security concerns regarding who has access to information, leading many companies to implement the private cloud.

In general, CIO stated that the value proposition of any cloud needs to suggest that using the technology will improve security, performance and financial stability - all of which are critical to today's businesses. This is essentially what the private cloud does, making it a more realistic option for organizations that are looking to move sensitive information to a more flexible environment without compromise.

Considering the private cloud
A recent Forbes report highlighted the findings of a Unisphere Research survey of more than 260 enterprise IT managers, which found that 37 percent of respondents are either using or piloting private cloud computing projects. While 38 percent of executives are currently running more than one-tenth of their total IT workload in a private cloud environment, more than half of decision-makers expect to do so by next year.

The study also found that organizations expect a lot out of the private cloud, noting that reduced costs, improved operational efficiencies and eliminating duplicated resources are all anticipated benefits of the private cloud.

There is no longer any doubt that the big data movement is putting a lot of pressure on organizations of all sizes, as traditional storage and data warehouse environments simply cannot keep up with all of the variables associated with the strategies. By working with a trusted provider and implementing a well-rounded and secure private cloud, enterprise decision-makers can truly embrace the mantra "do more with less," without sacrificing any critical assets that will contribute to the firm's long-term growth and success.

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