Survey: 75 percent of firms now using cloud

As cloud computing continues to introduce innovative opportunities for all types of organizations, regardless of industry, decision-makers will be increasingly drawn to the technology. This trend was proved in a recent study, which found that 75 percent of companies are using at least one cloud platform to improve operations, up from 67 percent in 2011.

The survey of more than 850 business users and IT directors was conducted by North Bridge Venture Partners and was consistent with other forecasts, including one that said the global cloud market will generate nearly $159 billion in revenue in 2014. This value represents an increase of more than 126 percent from its size in 2011.

"Clearly, even in the third year of our survey, we're still very early in the cloud-computing revolution," said Michael Skok, general partner at North Bridge Venture Partners. "Yet the cloud formations we identified in last year's survey are clearly on an unstoppable rise."

For the most part, organizations are interested in the scalability and agility benefits associated with moving resources to the cloud, though not all executives tackle the migration in the same way.

Cloud models everywhere
The survey revealed that Software as a Service is typically seen as the most desirable cloud, as 63 percent of respondents said they are using SaaS, up from 55 percent in 2012. However, Infrastructure as a Service is the fastest growing individual market, expanding from 35 percent adoption in 2012 to 45 percent this year.

The growth of IaaS, in addition to the increasing demand for Platform as a Service solutions, suggests that most enterprises want to leverage a cloud infrastructure, rather than maintaining expensive equipment on-site.

A Frost & Sullivan report highlighted the fact that many organizations are implementing cloud infrastructure services to improve the reliability of their applications, while simultaneously giving an efficiency boost to the workforce as a whole. This improvement in agility allows employees to work faster and more productively, reducing costs and giving the business a potential competitive advantage.

There is no longer any doubt that the cloud will continue growing in the coming years, especially as the business world grows increasingly fierce and forces decision-makers to implement cloud technologies to keep pace with the rest of their respective industry. By planning ahead and finding the cloud infrastructure services that meet their organizations' demands, executives can be sure to experience all of the advantages associated with the cloud.

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