Cloud applications, networks should be monitored

The ongoing use of cloud computing in the workplace means IT decision-makers need to prioritize the efficiency of applications in the hosted environment. After all, if employees are not able to access mission-critical software in real time when they need to, the overall productivity of the workplace will suffer and companies will struggle to keep operations afloat.

A recent TechTarget report highlighted the need to leverage cloud application performance management strategies to minimize the presence of efficiency problems. While cloud APM is similar to the techniques used to maintain legacy technologies, there are several distinct steps needed to keep software running on a cloud infrastructure up to par.

Setting parameters to reduce the possibility of numerous variables affecting performance is critical, TechTarget noted. This is important because the inherent characteristics of the cloud, including its ability to support multiple geographically dispersed network connections, often make the hosted environment more prone to encountering functionality issues if the proper precautions are not taken.

Using advanced monitoring tools is crucial to ensuring the cloud operates the way it's supposed to.

Keeping an eye on cloud apps
TechTarget stated that it is essential that organizations use advanced cloud infrastructure and application monitoring tools after they have taken steps to keep problematic variables at bay. These solutions provide decision-makers with real-time insight into the virtual environment, allowing IT departments to make adjustments to the network or software to ensure it functions properly in the cloud.

Organizations should also consider using monitoring solutions that observe back-end operations, not just the applications, as only a working infrastructure will be capable of supporting next-generation applications.

A separate report by Aberdeen Group noted that it is critical that IT decision-makers monitor applications before and after they have been migrated to the cloud. In doing so, executives can recognize any differences in the way the software functions in the various environments. This insight will help determine if hosting solutions in one architecture or another is more effective and whether the move to the cloud was beneficial.

As cloud computing markets evolve and technologies are used more frequently in the workplace, companies need to be sure they proactively monitor the efficiency of the environment and the software itself. While failing to monitor cloud application performance will not necessarily mean the hosted solutions won't be useful to employees, it does limit an organization's ability to optimize productivity.

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