Report: Majority of businesses have faith in cloud's security

Cloud security is becoming less of a concern to businesses around the world as decision-makers grow more comfortable using the hosted services. While organizations were initially worried that a cloud infrastructure would not be able to safeguard confidential assets, these fears are evaporating as providers offer more robust solutions and executives gain confidence in the vendors.

These major changes were highlighted in a recent Thales e-Security and Ponemon Institute study of more than 4,000 companies around the globe, which revealed that most organizations say they believe the cloud is secure enough to host sensitive information. In fact, 15 percent of respondents said their use of the cloud has improved their overall security stance, up from 10 percent from last year's study.

Meanwhile, enterprises are acquiring more faith in their vendor's ability to use advanced data protection tools to ensure confidential information remains safe in the virtual environment. This is a major change from when the cloud first emerged, as firms were initially afraid of losing control of their assets.

A new cloud security era emerges
The study revealed that approximately 56 percent of businesses now have confidence that their cloud computing provider can protect mission-critical information, up from 41 percent in 2011. This newfound faith will encourage organizations not yet using the cloud to make the transition, expanding the cloud market as a whole.

"Perceived responsibility for data protection, awareness of security measures, confidence and impact on overall security posture illustrate important regional and service type differences but overall the trend is positive," said Larry Ponemon, founder and chairman of the Ponemon Institute. "Respondents generally feel better informed, more confident in their cloud service providers and more positive about the impact on their security posture compared with last year."

Yet just because cloud security optimism is on the rise doesn't mean decision-makers can simply sit back and enjoy the ride. A Forbes report highlighted the importance of understanding that not all vendors provide the same level of data protection. This variable forces executives to take their time, develop a well-rounded cloud deployment plan and work with partners to ensure all security augmentations are tackled efficiently and effectively.

As organizations increase their use of the cloud, something that is often considered inevitable, they must understand that while the environments may be becoming more secure, the protection of mission-critical assets ultimately comes down to how well cloud projects are planned.

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