Businesses like public cloud over legacy on-site infrastructure

Businesses are becoming interested in public cloud computing once again as decision-makers recognize the benefits associated with migrating resources from traditional on-site environments. Rather than maintaining an expensive and complex infrastructure, organizations can outsource solutions to a third party to experience greater flexibility and security.

A major cloud provider recently surveyed IT professionals at the recent 2013 Cloud Expo East and found that 62 percent of respondents believe their digital assets are safer in the public cloud than they are in a traditional premise-based data center. Another 73 percent of organizations said using the public cloud enabled them to improve performance to gain a competitive over rival firms.

Yet one of the major reasons enterprises are migrating to the public cloud is because the technology allows companies to use a third-party data center that is almost infinitely scalable. In fact, 80 percent of IT experts said the public cloud is more scalable than in-house environments, allowing employees to carry out operations more efficiently and without limitation concerns.

An ongoing push to the cloud
As enterprises continue to embrace big data projects, they are realizing the importance of having a scalable cloud infrastructure that can support large volumes of increasingly complex information without burdening staff or operations.

"We've noticed a trend toward greater acceptance of public cloud hosting services over the past year," cloud expert Aaron Hollobaugh said. "Organizations that were previously hesitant are now moving larger, more robust database workloads into the public cloud environment and we're seeing rising demand for hybrid or public cloud installations from companies that previously used more traditional managed hosting services."

Gartner highlighted similar findings, noting that the global market for the public cloud is forecast to grow more than 18 percent in 2013 to reach $131 billion in revenue. The cloud infrastructure segment of the industry in particular is gaining momentum because these solutions enable organizations to outsource more than just information, allowing for a more robust and well-rounded operational strategy.

As enterprises embrace big data, mobility and other next-generation IT trends, decision-makers will increasingly look to the public cloud for answers. In many cases, executives will outsource operations to cut costs and improve agility, giving them new opportunities to get a leg up over competitors that are still relying on outdated infrastructure services.

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