Cloud customization critical to success

As the cloud computing landscape matures, many service providers are encouraging enterprises that develop and launch their own software to make their way into the hosted landscape. While pursuing this path may be beneficial for those types of organizations, they are not the only firms in today's vast business world that can adopt the cloud. In other words, there is no single route to the cloud because every company has its own unique requirements and objectives.

A recent GigaOM report highlighted how vendors selling Platform or Infrastructure as a Service should focus on acquiring enterprise customers that will be able to handle the operational changes that come along with adopting the cloud, rather than targeting every available company. The fact of the matter is that many organizations will need to embrace a new mentality. Rather than living in an infrastructure-centric society, which has been the way of the world for the past several years, firms will need to adopt a philosophy that caters to the idea that mission-critical services are essentially deployed through an application-centric model.

At the same time, however, companies can also develop a unique cloud adoption strategy that fits their needs, not necessarily their industry's requirements. For this reason, building a customized cloud strategy is crucial.

Modify to meet demand
The disruptive nature of the Internet and mobile computing has forever changed the business world, forcing decision-makers to implement creative strategies that will set them apart from rival organizations. GigaOM noted that that enterprises should embrace cloud technologies that enable them to build unique technological endeavors that will give them a leg up in the coming years. Because there is no single approach to the cloud, this could mean that executives should leverage cloud infrastructure tools to reduce internal management complexities or cloud-based software development platforms that make it easy for IT teams to build custom applications.

A separate CDW report highlighted how the ongoing use of cloud computing in the workplace is largely being driven by the need to align data center operations with how individuals function in their personal lives. This means organizations are implementing the cloud based on their employee habits, all of which are vastly different throughout the business world as a whole.

Enterprises that strive to stay ahead of their competitors need to implement customized cloud services that meet the specific needs of their workplace. The most important thing to understand is that there is more than one way to deploy the cloud.

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