Considerations for moving apps to the cloud

Migrating applications to a cloud infrastructure enables those solutions to be more flexible and available to users of all locations. In order to experience these benefits, however, business decision-makers need to ensure they follow best practices when moving software between environments because failing to cover all the necessary basics could introduce unwanted complications.

Writing for InfoWorld, IT expert David Linthicum recently said organizations need to consider the changes that need to be made to applications for those tools to take full advantage of cloud computing environments. In many cases, these transformations have to do with the architecture of the solutions, which may include decoupling data to make it easier to distribute the software across and between clouds.

Linthicum also asserted that applications moving to the cloud may need a facelift because their traditional qualities may not use the cloud in the most effective way. In order for solutions to be optimized for a cloud infrastructure, for example, those services may need auto​-provisioning capabilities, have direct access to scalable storage, and take on new management interfaces.

The need for cloud application services will continue to rise in the coming years, especially as more companies make the transition. Gartner analysts said the market for cloud software accounted for nearly 15 percent of the entire cloud market last year, suggesting that decision-makers need to ensure they follow the best plan when implementing the technologies.

Things not to forget
Although i's important to focus on certain aspects of a cloud migration, including the need to change application interfaces and other qualities, decision-makers that simply follow the hype will find themselves facing an uphill battle down the line.

Linthicum encouraged enterprises to follow their unique requirements and demands rather than listening to the rest of their respective industry. This approach will allow companies to take full advantage of the cloud as it pertains to them, giving them new opportunities to improve operations and even gain a competitive advantage over organizations that do not customize their clouds.

In the end, effective use of the cloud aligns with how well companies establish governance and management policies. Rather than migrating applications to the cloud and hoping for the best, executives should map out their strategies to ensure they take full advantage of the benefits the cloud presents.

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