Cloud computing changes backup as we know it

The security capabilities associated with leveraging cloud computing are one of the hosted technology's most distinguished characteristics, although many enterprises are still somewhat doubtful about such functions. Yet the truth of the matter is not only do cloud services provide businesses with opportunities to leverage next-generation encryption and other data protection solutions, but companies also have the power to use sophisticated backup tools that safeguard confidential resources in more than one way.

A recent InfoWorld report highlighted how numerous cloud services provide at least basic disaster recovery services, although some take this a step further by allowing organizations to use advanced backup tools. These cloud backup technologies give enterprises the ability to restore updated information quickly in the wake of an emergency, but also secure sensitive data from its most underrated enemy: the business itself.

Although many decision-makers would like to think that their workforce follows best practices and is as safe as possible, the reality is that employees will often accidentally - or purposefully - jeopardize the network, InfoWorld noted. For this reason, having backup resources to restore the cloud infrastructure is critical to the long-term survival of an organization.

Cloud restoration moves to center stage
InfoWorld highlighted how not all cloud providers currently consider backup to be among their principle offerings because they often highlight their storage, application development capabilities, or other service more. Still, as decision-makers recognize the importance of having a robust recovery initiative in place, the cloud backup market is again gaining momentum in the business world.

A recent Wired report echoed this sentiment, noting that experts believe the cloud service model and financial benefits are turning enterprises to the hosted backup landscape.

"Cloud computing is having a major impact on the direction of data protection, especially in the mid-market, where nearly 80 percent of companies expect to deploy cloud storage for backup, disaster recovery, and archiving within the next three years," cloud expert Joan Wrabetz said, according to Wired.

The presence of the cloud is changing the backup game, allowing organizations to have on-demand access to mission-critical solutions without paying too much out of pocket or fighting availability problems. This transformation will give organizations new opportunities to improve security and recovery capabilities - both of which are crucial components of long-term success.

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