Report: Approximately 70 percent of firms use the cloud

The overall state of enterprise network computing is rapidly changing as companies around the world implement more innovative IT services in an effort to stay ahead of the technological curve. These transformations are introducing new opportunities for businesses to gain a competitive advantage over rival firms.

A recent Network Instruments study highlighted some of these changes, noting that the adoption of cloud computing in the corporate environment is one of the most disruptive trends of the bunch. The survey found that roughly 70 percent of the 170 respondents are already using the cloud, up from less than 60 percent in last year's report.

Enterprises are migrating a broad range of applications to the cloud, including email, web hosting, storage, and even software development tools, according to the study. In doing so, companies are able to eliminate some of the complexities associated with keeping these technologies or processes on-site.

"What's particularly challenging about this moment in time for IT is that the focus isn't on one disruptive technology; rather, engineers have to establish and maintain visibility into the cloud, mobile devices, and real-time communications, all while dealing with increased user and business expectations," said Jim Frey, vice president of research for Enterprise Management Associates.

Frey noted that organizations wishing to experience success need to implement advanced management solutions and strategies to keep up with these transformations.

Managing a new world
In terms of particular cloud adoption trends, the private cloud movement is seen as the most disruptive, as 39 percent of firms are now using the model, an increase of 12 percent from last year, Network Instruments noted. Yet managing the private cloud is different than maintaining traditional in-house IT architectures and requires a new approach.

If companies remain loyal to outdated technologies, they may find it more difficult to maintain a private cloud environment, according to a Network World report. Decision-makers should plan ahead and educate the workforce - as well as themselves - on the benefits of switching from traditional IT infrastructure environments to the cloud. In doing so, the entire workforce will be more confident and make more effective use of the cloud.

By proactively monitoring and adapting cloud services in the workplace, organizations can remain on the cutting edge of network technologies without being overwhelmed or encountering difficulties.

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