The cloud is what you make it

The rapidly evolving IT landscape sometimes makes enterprise executives feel uncomfortable because they are concerned that the improper use of cloud computing and other technologies could potentially expose sensitive information. Fortunately, planning ahead and deploying cloud solutions with the help of an experienced provider can reduce some of these worries, allowing organizations to take full advantage of the technological opportunities at hand.

Business 2 Community recently suggested that forward-thinking decision-makers work with providers ahead of time to turn any lingering fears into trust and confidence. By working closely with vendors, for example, IT managers can learn the exact location of their data and applications when they are hosted off-site. Having this information then lets companies establish best practices regarding disaster recovery and other crucial projects.

In addition to learning where digital resources are housed, executives should also consider creating in-house backups of information and solutions that are managed externally, Business 2 Community noted. In case thecloud infrastructure provider happens to experience downtime or some other unforeseen event, organizations would be able to bring operations back up to speed without fear of data loss.

Addressing the elephant in the room
Although cloud adoption in the enterprise has not slowed, some decision-makers remain worried about the historical concern with the technology: security. Luckily, this problem isn't nearly as complex or risky as it used to be. This is largely due to the fact that cloud providers have been evolving their offerings along with the IT landscape, allowing them to take advantage of emerging and more sophisticated solutions that improve the protection of mission-critical resources.

A Microsoft study found that even small and medium-sized businesses, which were often the victims of data loss in the past, are happy with the cloud's ability to secure resources. The survey found that 94 percent of organizations have acquired greater security capabilities through the cloud than they had with traditional premise-based architectures. Another 62 percent gained greater levels of privacy protection.

The truth of the matter is that the cloud is as secure as enterprises make it, so the more planning and thought an organization puts into building a cloud infrastructure, the greater the levels of defense it will provide. Working with a trusted provider with a proven track record will also result in stronger cloud services because experienced vendors have witnessed changes in the industry and developed correspondingly enhanced solutions.

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