Cloud May Mitigate Big Data Complexities

The Big Data movement is considered one of the most disruptive trends in the IT industry because it is forcing organizations to adopt more flexible and scalable infrastructure services to manage the fluctuating volumes of content that are being accumulated on a daily basis. Although this trend is convincing many companies to look to the cloud for an agile IT architecture, volume is not necessarily the only challenge enterprises are encountering when they embrace Big Data.

In general, the Big Data phenomenon is characterized by three Vs: volume, velocity, and variety. A recent Business Today report highlighted how the latter is now becoming a major obstacle for many organizations because the diversity of the information they collect is making it hard to analyze and find the resources they need to thrive.

Experts asserted that enterprises need to acquire the technologies and techniques to analyze the different sorts of information they collect.

"In fact, some of this data is so unstructured that it won't fit into existing systems," Big Data expert Moty Fania said, according to Business Today. "It goes back to what you are trying to achieve. Some of the data is on a gigabyte scale. But you need to be able to react to the data fast enough and without buying a supercomputer."

These demands have also contributed to the need for cloud computing technologies.

How the cloud can help
A recent study by GigaSpaces Technologies found that only 20 percent of enterprises have no plans to move Big Data initiatives to the cloud, and nearly half of businesses have either begun moving the applications to the hosted environment or plan to do so soon.

Although the agile and scalable characteristics of the cloud are fueling the demand to move Big Data to the outsourced landscape, the ability to host sophisticated analytic platforms is also convincing firms to look to the cloud because size isn't everything in the Big Data world.

"What you do with this data is more important; it's all about the correlation," IT expert Ron Kasabian told Business Today.

Planning ahead and properly implementing a cloud infrastructure will make it easier for organizations to handle the volume and variety of Big Data without encountering unnecessary obstacles pertaining to complexity or traffic.

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