The Cloud Adoption Tipping Point Cometh

Although the cloud computing market as a whole is on the rise, it is important to note that the term "cloud" refers to numerous technological services, including software, platform, and infrastructure. And if some CIOs and other decision-makers still remain unconvinced of the advantages the cloud offers, most of the business world isn't choosing to ignore the hosted landscape any longer. In fact, the majority of enterprises won't be able to compete unless they move to the cloud within the next few years.

TechTarget highlighted the importance of the cloud, noting that the benefits of using cloud computing can vary between companies, although these advantages are usually substantial enough to support massive migrations to the hosted environment. Experts said that among the many opportunities presented by the technology, the cloud enables firms to use on-demand resources, which can free up IT departments to focus on other mission-critical objectives. The presence of Infrastructure as a Service in particular has significantly lightened the load that is usually placed on an IT department.

"IT departments are supposed to support the business, but they tend to get buried in the business of IT," cloud expert Laurence Hart told TechTarget. "Cloud computing allows IT to refocus on business requirements and not on managing the data center."

Who benefits from using the cloud?
Cloud computing introduces opportunities for the entire organization. Cloud consultant Shradach White told TechTarget that C-level executives can experience benefits by reducing IT cost spikes due to expensive upgrades and other maintenance processes. Meanwhile, the workforce is able to access essential applications and services on-demand, regardless of location. This capability inherently boosts employee efficiency.

Even IT professionals are beginning to realize the advantages of migrating resources to the cloud because it decreases the need to maintain physical equipment without compromising their ability to develop and support business solutions, the news source noted.

In a separate Infoworld report, IT expert David Linthicum said the tipping point at which the adoption of cloud infrastructure and other services becomes mainstream is quickly approaching. He pointed to the ongoing uncertainty regarding the global economy plus the need to innovate and stay competitive as encouraging enterprise executives to implement on-demand and cost-effective cloud solutions.

Linthicum asserted that while the cloud may not necessarily be ideal for every organization, most of the business world will recognize the prospective advantages of migrating to the hosted landscape.

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