SMBs Use the Cloud to Level the Playing Field

Although the cloud is often recognized for its cost-effective characteristics, its ability to drive innovation is among its top capabilities. These features are especially important for small and medium-sized businesses that have struggled to keep up with larger enterprises in the past. As cloud computing matures, these benefits will multiply and continue to level the playing field.

These projections were made by cloud expert Steve Midgley in an interview with The Guardian. Midgley noted that the cloud has been driving democratization of IT services during the past few years and will likely do so in the future as decision-makers around the world recognize the prospective financial and operational advantages that come along with using the cloud. The benefits of the cloud for SMBs include allowing organizations to leverage solutions from major providers without worrying that they won't be able to afford or maintain them.

Midgley asserted that there is no reason why SMBs should not migrate to the cloud because implementing the hosted services helps firms improve agility and flexibility, both of which are crucial for a growing company. Yet the fear of losing control often prevents executives from fully embracing the cloud, Midgley continued. Fortunately, there are ways to relinquish this concern.

Seeing past SMB cloud adoption obstacles

In many cases, organizations that move to the cloud experience greater levels of control than they initially thought, Midgley told The Guardian. This development is especially true in the case of the private cloud because these environments can be managed on-site and typically house only a single entity rather than following the multi-tenant practices of the public cloud.

The simple truth is that companies own the data and applications they put into the cloud, Midgley stated, giving decision-makers ultimate control and making them responsible for managing those resources effectively.

A recent Techaisle survey found that 29 percent of small businesses experienced productivity improvements after moving to the cloud, and another third saw boosts in employee satisfaction. Smaller firms that are moving to the cloud are also recognizing their ability to manage and control the cloud more effectively, resulting in even greater financial and operational returns.

Even though the cloud computing market is still maturing, SMBs should take advantage of the cloud to stay competitive with the rest of the business world without encountering unnecessary management or performance issues.

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