The Unnoticeable, Inevitable Cloud Shift Will Drive Change

There is no doubt that the introduction of cloud infrastructure services is changing the business world's perception of IT architecture and asset management. Although evangelists and analysts alike predict that the cloud will represent a major transformation in the technological landscape as a whole, the actual transition may be a bit more gradual than anticipated.

IT expert David Linthicum recently wrote an Infoworld report highlighting that there probably won't be any mass migration to the cloud, although there will be many projects. Similar to how organizations around the world deployed the PC and the web, the change may not be noticeable, but it will happen.

As the IT landscape grows more sophisticated, Linthicum believes that the cloud services that exist 3 or so years from now will be able to combat some of the complexity through robust governance and management solutions. This development will make implementing the next-generation technologies of tomorrow less challenging, allowing organizations of all sizes to compete with more innovative firms without worrying that they will be thwarted by complications associated with procuring and launching new tools.

The new protection mindset

Although data security will remain a major concern in the enterprise, as it should always be, Linthicum believes there will be fewer challenges with cloud security in the coming years. This transition is largely due to the fact that cloud computing providers will recognize the problems many companies face and bake more robust solutions into their offerings, reducing the need for decision-makers to tack on data protection tools after the cloud has been deployed.

A SiliconANGLE report highlighted similar projections, noting that many experts believe cloud security is currently one of the major differentiators between providers. As a result, vendors are striving to improve the ability with which their solutions can safeguard confidential resources. These advancements will not only boost the security of the cloud in general, but will establish a new status quo for what is expected from service providers.

As the cloud develops and matures, companies will eventually feel obligated to move to the hosted services in an effort to keep up with their respective industry and stay competitive with rival firms. This ongoing push toward the cloud will help providers in their quest to create more secure, innovative, and effective business solutions.

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