Cloud Security Barriers Crumbling

Perceived security weaknesses have always been the primary inhibitors of cloud computing adoption within the enterprise, although these barriers are starting to fade. Organizations are now more confident in the cloud than ever before, allowing companies of all sizes to pursue innovative projects that would have otherwise been thwarted due to unproven fears about data protection and management.

A study of more than 450 software developers by Evans Data Corporation highlighted this trend, noting that 56 percent of respondents said they are now hopeful about using the cloud despite traditional concerns surrounding safety. This represents a 44 percent jump from the 39 percent of professionals who said they were confident in cloud security last year.

"We've made a profound step forward during the last year in the rate of confidence developers place in cloud offerings," said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp. "Although the total number this year and last year of developers who are satisfied has remained similar, those who are very satisfied has overtaken those who are only somewhat satisfied by a large extent."

Garvin asserted that cloud security was the initial and most substantial barrier to adopting the technology. Now that this obstacle is beginning to crumble, businesses around the world will likely implement the cloud with fewer concerns, allowing for the development of a stronger, more efficient enterprise landscape.

Companies like controlling the cloud
The increased confidence in cloud security is due largely to the fact that businesses are more aware of how they can take cloud deployments into their own hands and develop customized and protective environments. This was highlighted in a study by Thales and the Ponemon Institute, which revealed that more than half of respondents said they currently transfer sensitive data to the cloud on a regular basis.

"Perceived responsibility for data protection, awareness of security measures, confidence, and impact on overall security posture illustrate important regional and service type differences, but overall the trend is positive," said Larry Ponemon, founder of the Ponemon Institute. "Respondents generally feel better informed, more confident in their cloud service providers, and more positive about the impact on their security posture compared with last year."

The ongoing development of the cloud landscape as a whole will drive this trend forward, pushing enterprises past the initial obstacles that prevented them from deploying the cloud.

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