Federal Agencies Encountering Problems with the "Big Five" IT Trends

Although cloud, mobility, and Big Data projects are often spoken about in terms of enterprise adoption, government and other public firms also need to undertake these initiatives or they won't be able to deliver quality service to customers. Unfortunately, many federal organizations are inexperienced and encounter difficulties along the road to deployment.

A recent MeriTalk survey found that federal agencies are experiencing some challenges when embracing the "Big Five" trends, which include data center consolidation, mobility, security, Big Data, and cloud computing. Although the majority of government decision-makers are planning to have the Big Five in place by 2015, 59 percent believe their current network capacity can't manage the traffic and volume of activity that will be created by the phenomenon, especially Big Data. In fact, 84 percent of respondents said they would likely experience bottlenecks if they were to launch these projects today.

"Networks are the backbone of IT delivery in Federal agencies, just as they are in the enterprise," said Anthony Robbins, federal vice president at Brocade. "As such, agencies need to take steps to prepare for increased network demands now—this includes ensuring networks are modernized to open standards and robust enough to handle the traffic."

Taking steps toward a new world order
Federal network managers expect to transform roughly half of their IT architectures by 2015 in an effort to make it easier to embrace Big Data, mobility, and other aspects of the Big Five, MeriTalk reported. Other agencies have taken steps by laying the groundwork ahead of time. In some cases, these steps mean the deployment of more sophisticated security technologies or the development and use of various cloud infrastructure services.

An IDC report noted that Federal spending on the cloud in particular will grow in the coming years, as analysts predict agencies will spend more than $1.7 billion on the cloud by 2014. By 2017, this number is expected to jump to $7.7 billion, suggesting a rapid increase in cloud spending.

There is no doubt that the Big Five trends are having an impact on the business world as well as government agencies. Decision-makers across both public and private sectors need to plan ahead and map out their IT initiatives if they are to implement the tools and technologies they need to survive and stay competitive with the respective industries.

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