Technology is Critical to Big Data's Future

As businesses continue to make progress navigating the Big Data landscape, decision-makers will ultimately need to determine how they approach various strategies. Because the future of the Big Data market as a whole lies in how well organizations manage information, not necessarily their ability to watch volumes grow, executives need to take the time to cultivate environments to ensure long-term success with the endeavors.

A Business Solutions Magazine report highlighted this take on Big Data, noting that experts believe the amount of information being collected will continue to grow, although the percentage of the workforce that will be charged with managing those assets will not necessarily expand as dramatically. For this reason, companies will need to focus on two objectives when embracing Big Data: how to use information more effectively and how to secure the architectures responsible for storing data.

In general, enterprises will turn to technology for support in these quests because various security platforms and management services will give decision-makers greater insight and visibility into the Big Data environment, allowing teams to maximize their use of information without compromising their ability to protect it.

A call for better solutions
Today's IT solutions probably can't meet the high expectations of companies that are well on their way to adopting comprehensive Big Data strategies. This is one of the biggest reasons organizations are looking to cloud computing. The scalable, flexible, and generally more secure cloud environments are giving organizations of all sizes new opportunities to tackle Big Data endeavors more successfully than with outdated or ineffective technologies.

A separate IDC report echoed this new enthusiasm in cloud technology, noting that the cloud infrastructure market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 49 percent through 2017, largely driven by an increased demand for Big Data. Overall, analysts believe the Big Data services landscape will generate more than $32 billion through 2017.

As the volumes of and potential value generated from information grow, organizations will need to work with trusted service providers to ensure they build a plan that suits their needs without putting too much strain on internal employees charged with overseeing Big Data programs. Technology can represent a major opportunity for growing companies, which is why analysts around the world believe the market for Big Data solutions will continue to expand.

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