Accessibility is One of the Key Benefits of Outsourcing to the Cloud

Throughout the past couple of years, cloud computing has seen a gradual decrease in costs with recent innovations in the industry. What seemed like a luxury 8 years ago is now a cost-effective tool many small business owners should consider implementing.

A resource many businesses could benefit from is the public cloud environment. According to Business News Daily, the platform is constructed and maintained by an outside company specializing in the industry. Users have the ability to back up or sync files to the platform provided by the hosting company and access them from outside of the workplace. 

Rob Custons, a marketing manager for a cloud-service provider in the United Kingdom detailed in an interview with magazine Tech Radar the key differences between the sync and backup features of a cloud server. A backup folder mirrors the client's hard drive and creates a copy of the files on a computer or mobile device, which are then delivered to the cloud. The sync application directly uploads specifically selected files to the cloud, so they can be downloaded onto a different device at a separate location. 

The ability to bring work out of the office gives businesses the flexibility other large competitors have capitalized on. By 2015, Forbes predicted that end-user spending on cloud services could exceed $180 billion. 

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