Businesses Getting Friendlier with Big Data

As companies become more familiar with gathering, storing, and analyzing increasingly large and complex volumes of information, decision-makers are feeling more confident in their ability to successfully embrace the Big Data movement. Because the business world is so competitive, organizations must be able to make sense of new trends or risk falling behind.

Fortunately, executives are more enthusiastic about the Big Data phenomenon than they were a year ago. This finding was highlighted in a recent Jaspersoft survey of more than 1,600 respondents. The study found that 36 percent of organizations have funded some sort of Big Data endeavor, up from 15 percent in 2012. Another 42 percent of IT professionals said they are researching how various information management and analytic processes can help them improve operations.

Jaspersoft also revealed that many companies are moving Big Data projects to cloud computing architectures for the hosted technology's flexible and scalable nature. As organizations accumulate increasingly large and complicated information sets, teams need to be able to access and use the resources on-demand without creating performance issues or other challenges that could impair operations in any way. This requirement is pushing many firms to the cloud.

Why consider a Big Data program?
Understanding the end user better is one of the primary reasons so many companies are embracing the Big Data movement. In the past, businesses had to rely on outdated polls to find out how their customers felt. If individuals didn't respond to these surveys, decision-makers generally had no idea how consumers viewed their brand.

Today, enterprises have the ability to gather valuable insight from the web landscape and their own projects regarding how prospective and existing clients feel. By using predictive analytics, organizations even have the ability to forecast what consumers will do in the future, which will allow teams to build strategies and transform operations to cater to specific customer expectations and demands. This is one of the most powerful ways for companies to develop more competitive and thought-provoking brands.

The acceleration behind the growing information landscape will never slow down. As a result, the sooner a business jumps on board the Big Data movement, the better chance that firm will experience more rewarding results. By understanding internal and external operations through the analysis of various information sets, decision-makers can give their teams new competitive opportunities and provide greater room for improvement.

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