Companies Looking for Strong Hands to Hold Big Data Reins

Among the barrage of ones and zeros implemented in Big Data lies a wealth of information about specific industries. Whether employed by a healthcare company or an entertainment group, corporate executives have made it a priority to identify the cryptic information that will optimize production. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, companies such as Netflix use data algorithms to recommend movies and TV shows for their customers while simultaneously identifying which films to license. But the greatest challenge these executives face is acquiring the personnel who have the ability to discern the massive amount of information the company collects through cloud servers.

Research firm IDC predicted the Big Data market will grow to $32.4 billion by 2017, Network Computing reported. The amount of data to be created and processed is expected to reach 50 times the current total in 2020.

What this trend means for the job market is a significant increase in demand for talent capable of determining what data will benefit a corporation. However, the process goes beyond identification. Although a pattern in a massive cloud storage system may be recognized, executives will be searching for candidates possessing a PhD as well the communication skills necessary to translate that data into plain English and transform it into a business advantage.

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