How the Cloud Enhances Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a business's number one priority. Every operation within a company, from administrative support to human resources, perform to enhance the production of the business. What every one of these departments could benefit from is the services offered by cloud hosting companies. 

Within the few years, IT companies providing cloud storage services have continued to assist businesses in meeting consumer demand. Business 2 Community claimed that public servers have been developed to combine enterprise resource planning (ERP) with the flexibility of Big Data analysis tools, giving company employees the ability to interpret information while managing client finances.  

"Incredibly powerful consumer insights can come into focus," the article reported. "These will enable the optimization of marketing campaigns in real-time and allow the crafting of customer experiences."

Continued investment 
Many of the big iron providers (companies that install costly yet incredibly fast computers used to process huge amounts of information) are transitioning their capabilities from on-premises servers to public  data center hosting. According to Info World, infrastructure-a-service (IaaS) revenue will reach $10.2 billion in 2016, growing at an annual rate of 57 percent. 

The projected profit increase for web cloud hosting will bring the subsequent affordability of the service. The revenue margins will also allow IT companies to conduct more research on public cloud optimization.  

Options in an expansive environment
ZDNet reported that the technology offers greater elasticity than other information storage options. As opposed to a private server, a public cloud doesn't require the expensive on-site upgrades typically needed to accommodate an increase in data volume. What many hosting companies do for businesses is implicate a pay-as-you-need-it contract, giving a company the ability to rapidly increase its storage space.

"Enterprises can presently enhance their in-memory standards to improve their data analytics engine as a software solution," said Tom Caper, an author with Business 2 Community.

Another benefit of using the services of a public cloud provider is the option of customizing a business's operating system. According to Business 2 Community, as the technology becomes more perfected and mobile apps more normative, companies will begin outsourcing to cloud service providers capable of administering specified platforms for their clients. 

Fast service is a priority
A public server cloud can ultimately supply a large business with the tools necessary to use real-time information to its advantage. In addition, a host company is capable of increasing a business's assigned capacity without spending a week to do so, giving its client the ability to interact with its customers without disruption. 

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