Big Data as a Security Measure

Although Big Data has been acknowledged for its ability to assist businesses in gaining an edge over the competition, little has been said about what it can offer in regards to security. A cloud hosting company offering surveillance and protection solutions may consider the benefits of using predictive analytics tools as a means to enhance its clients' security.

Companies attempting to harness the potentially business-transforming capabilities of Big Data are interested in their overall security simply through investment. According to ZDNet, a survey yielding 244 respondents supported this estimation. The report claimed that 41 percent of corporations intend on expanding their IT security budget in 2014. In regards to methodology, 50 percent are planning to invest in the development of risk management processes. An additional 39 percent are looking to use tools capable of identifying where sensitive data is stored, moved, and processed.

Predictive analytics as a security measure
A surveillance technique that has gained a large amount of traction with cloud hosting companies is data encryption. What the method does is disallow invasive bodies from translating the coded information into common language. A key is often produced in the process, allowing appropriate users to decrypt the data when they wish to view it. Now, cloud hosting providers are looking to take this approach a step further by using analytics tools as a means to monitor client data.

Gartner, an information technology research firm based in Connecticut, released a report detailing related security methods. The organization predicted that 25 percent of large global enterprises will adopt Big Data analytics tools for at least one security or fraud detection use case by 2016. Avivah Litan, vice president and analyst for the company, noted that businesses can save time and money by investing in the technology. He stated that the increased interest in the software will largely be inspired by the adaptability of cybercriminals.

"A year or two ago, hackers would look around, conduct extensive cyber-espionage on their targets, and then go in for the theft," stated Litan. "Now hackers simply go directly to the theft without a drawn-out reconnaissance phase."

The executive further claimed that predictive analytics can assist companies in correlating high-priority alerts across monitoring systems to detect patterns of abuse. The software is also capable of assisting IT departments in pooling their internal and external data into one place to look for known arrangements of security violations or fraud.

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