The two biggest cloud computing trends

Cloud computing has incited several new developments in the IT industry. As if the Web couldn't connect co-workers and acquaintances any more efficiently, the solution found a way to advance communication. It's not uncommon for employees to not only share documents, but revise and create them together from two separate locations. 

Out of the plethora of technologies associated with cloud infrastructure, there are two distinct trends that are sticking out amongst the flock. Predictive analytics tools give marketing professionals tailored data attained through social media platforms while the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon is enabling employees to telecommute through tablets. 

Tracking the ones and zeros 
IT optimization comes down to scalability. Although every major organization would like to obtain every amount of data the world has to offer, such an endeavor is simply impossible. Even a public cloud, despite being able to store incredible amounts of active information, would not be able to effectively handle such an operation. 

As a result, corporations need to make the most out of what they can amass. According to CMSwire, predictive analytics software operating off of a cloud server can observe the raw information collected by the company and use algorithms to refine it into information that may dictate the decisions made by the corporation's executives. Knowing how consumers look for items and decide what they're going to buy can dramatically change a business' marketing campaign. 

"This propensity to buy is usually expressed as a customer profile or audience segmentation with a scoring mechanism that allows marketing professionals to concentrate on those consumers most likely to buy," the source noted.

The almighty tablet 
Rick Delgado, a contributor to Tech Cocktail, claimed that the BYOD trend is improving employee production because it allows workers to choose where they sit in the office. The news source stated socialization and interaction fosters creativity and output because employees are generally happier among friends. In contrast, those working in cubicles and isolated from human contact are less productive.

One of the primary benefits offered by BYOD is that the concept provides employees with a change in environment. Conducting business at the same desk during the same hours five days a week can become quite monotonous. A bored worker may feel less inclined to produce. However, giving him or her the option of working from home provides them with a change of pace. 

The combination of these two trends creates a world in which a workers can view data predictions from their smartphones, tablets and PCs, enabling them to make key decisions remotely. 

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