Appistry and GoGrid Announce Commercial Availability of Joint Cloud Computing Solution

Appistry and GoGrid Announce Commercial Availability of Joint Cloud Computing Solution for Delivering Highly Scalable and Reliable

San Francisco, CA February 26, 2009– ”GoGrid, the Cloud Computing division of ServePath, LLC and Appistry today released new tools for developers, architects and administrators designed to ease the pain associated with developing, deploying and managing applications in the Cloud. Appistry's Cloud application platform, named Appistry EAF, helps businesses and enterprises efficiently manage and scale their applications within the GoGrid infrastructure. With this joint solution, larger companies are able to take full advantage of the Cloud's unique value proposition of elastic scalability, solid reliability, automated management and CapEx economies.

Appistry EAF Community Edition 3.9 is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 users. Additional EAF-enabled GoGrid images will be rolling out in the near future. Appistry EAF Community Edition allows developers, system architects and administrators to take advantage of Appistry's Cloud application platform for free on up to five GoGrid Cloud Server instances. Appistry EAF functionality and benefits include:

  • Transparent and instant linear scalability
  • Application-level fault tolerance
  • Broad support for Cloud-enabling software components
  • Adaptive, software-based load balancing
  • Fully-distributed, fault tolerant memory cache for objects and data
  • Fine-grained, hierarchical security model
  • Efficiencies in CapEx and administrator time
  • Ease of use

"The GoGrid partnership is part of Appistry's strategy to address the complex challenges enterprises face developing, deploying and managing applications in both public and private Clouds," said Sam Charrington, Appistry vice president of product management and marketing. "End-users demand a platform which sits above the infrastructure and allows enterprises to more easily realize its full promise–elastic scalability, solid reliability and automated management."

The combination of GoGrid's robust and flexible Cloud Computing infrastructure and Appistry's Cloud application platform enables enterprises to capitalize on the inherent advantages of both technologies. GoGrid leads the Cloud infrastructure space with a full assortment of infrastructure capabilities available in the Cloud, including industry standard and best practice implementations of Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Microsoft SQL Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS instances among others, as well as free hardware-based f5 load balancing and hybrid hosting capabilities with Cloud Connect which is particularly efficient for complex Microsoft SQL Server databases.

"The GoGrid and Appistry partnership clearly demonstrates our commitment to helping businesses optimize their infrastructure to gain the advantages of Cloud Computing," said GoGrid CEO, John Keagy, adding "Companies would be foolish to not optimize their business and technology strategies using the power of Appistry EAF and GoGrid's Cloud infrastructure."

PR publication date: 
Thursday, February 26, 2009


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