Excite Digital Media Turns to GoGrid for a Flexible, High-Performance Cloud Infrastructure

Global Search Marketing Leader Uses GoGrid to Grow its Infrastructure without Hassle

San Francisco, Calif. - November 27, 2012 - GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced that Excite Digital Media (Excite) uses GoGrid as the infrastructure for its search engine marketing (SEM) services. Based in Sydney, Australia, Excite helps search engine providers, advertising networks, and publishers reach targeted audiences with search, targeted banner/display campaigns, and sponsored XML feeds. Online publishers use Excite to gain access to the high-quality, targeted ads they need to drive click-throughs and revenue. GoGrid Cloud Servers process the queries that connect web traffic with targeted ads. GoGrid dedicated hardware runs the databases that help optimize targeting and keep track of publishers' accounts.

"Like thousands of other customers, Excite trusts GoGrid for its infrastructure in the cloud," says Jeffrey Samuels, chief marketing officer for GoGrid. "By working with GoGrid, companies can focus on what they do best—innovation, not infrastructure. We make going to the cloud easy. You simply provision and scale cloud and physical servers over the Internet."

Evan Balafas, chief executive officer for Excite, agrees: "With GoGrid, you can add and remove cloud servers in minutes. We've never experienced running out of space because GoGrid scales to meet our needs. When you operate your own hardware, planning is a constant concern. It's great to look at our growth projections without having to figure out where I'm going to source all that hardware."

According to Balafas, "In your best-run data center, you have highly skilled people who spend most of their time making sure all the lights are green. We let GoGrid do that for us, and they do a great job. The performance is there, along with service and reliability. Our team is able to spend almost 100 percent of its time adding value to our services."

To learn more, please read the full case study: http://j.mp/TzcTuq

About GoGrid

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PR publication date: 
Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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