GoGrid and Accumatica Partner to Deliver a Cloud-Based Business Management Solution

San Francisco, CA May 28, 2009–GoGrid, a leading Cloud Computing Infrastructure hosting provider, and Acumatica, a provider of web-based financial and business management software, today announced a partnership to deliver a cloud-based accounting, ERP, CRM, and CMS solution to business customers.

GoGrid allows customers to quickly and easily deploy and control robust, cloud-based infrastructures on a self-service basis. GoGrid Cloud Servers can be instantly deployed and load-balanced using industry-based protocols and networking standards either through a web-based portal or programmatically through a REST-like API, allowing for incredible flexibility and ease-of-use, and completely on demand as defined by scalability requirements.

Using Acumatica on GoGrid, businesses can access an integrated suite of business software using any common web browser to streamline business tasks such as accounting, financial reporting, business reporting, customer management, customer invoicing, vendor payments, expense reporting, inventory management, and much more using a single integrated system.

Acumatica software is designed to be hosted on GoGrid's cloud computing infrastructure in order to deliver the following benefits:

  • Available from anywhere–100% of business functionality is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using any popular web-browser.
  • Inexpensive to install–the pre-configured GoGrid environment simplifies server deployment and the software requires no PC client, so users can deploy quickly.
  • Low cost of ownership–customers can scale their solution up or down and only pay for the hosting services that they use to reduce costs during initial deployment and configuration.
  • Promotional period–using a special promotion code available from the Acumatica website, customers can participate in a risk-free trial before they purchase the solution.

"The partnership with GoGrid provides Acumatica customers with a reliable and cost effective way to deploy Acumatica," said Doug Johnson, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Acumatica. "Customers only pay for services they use and can quickly scale their deployment up or down."

"Acumatica offers a feature-rich alternative to traditional client-server ERP and CRM solutions," said Michael Sheehan, Technology Evangelist at GoGrid. "This partnership delivers value to customers by combining a modern software platform with a modern cloud hosting platform."


Businesses that want to deploy a hosted business management solution can purchase an Acumatica license from any Acumatica reseller and select the pre-configured service plan from the GoGrid website. Businesses who utilize the special discount code available from the Acumatica website before July 31, 2009, can take advantage of an Acumatica-GoGrid promotion to try the complete solution before purchasing a license.

About Acumatica—http://www.accumatica.com

Acumatica develops an integrated suite of web-based business management software designed to improve the productivity of businesses with complex financial requirements. Using Acumatica, clients can access accounting, customer relationship management, content management, and business management applications from anywhere using any popular web-browser. Unlike traditional ERP, CRM, and CMS systems, Acumatica is designed to be hosted on-premise, at a datacenter, or on a cloud computing platform.

PR publication date: 
Thursday, May 28, 2009


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