GoGrid and AppZero Partner to Ease Movement of Windows Server Applications to the Cloud

Using AppZero, companies can now seamlessly move Windows Server Applications within the GoGrid Cloud, enabling previously unseen

San Francisco, CA May 19, 2009GoGrid, the Cloud Computing division of ServePath Dedicated Hosting, LLC and and AppZero, pioneer of server application virtualization today announced a technology partnership to make it easy for enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs) to move their server-based Windows applications from the datacenter to the GoGrid cloud. The GoGrid and AppZero solution allows enterprises to instantly provision complex server-based applications to use the GoGrid cloud as a cost-effective approach for running applications. Many enterprises utilize cloud computing for provisioning and running development environments, as well as for low utilization applications and business continuity fail-over–most often in a hybrid (cloud/datacenter) model for spiky or burst- oriented applications. AppZero's application mobility technology allows IT organizations and ISVs to move Windows server applications to the cloud risk-free and without violating Windows licensing requirements.

AppZero is first to market with technology that packages server applications as Virtual Application Appliances (VAAs) which are pre-installed, preconfigured applications that contain zero operating system components. AppZero is the only tool available for decoupling server-side applications from operating systems. The VAA approach permits applications to be easily moved between datacenter and cloud infrastructures and back, minimizing cloud lock-in.

GoGrid, the largest Windows server cloud hosting provider, is the pioneer of "cloudcenters," an approach to cloud infrastructure based on traditional datacenters and their use of familiar components such as virtualized servers, network storage and hardware firewalls. GoGrid is a leading cloud provider with the flexibility to choose between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003.

GoGrid and AppZero will host a free webinar, "Moving Windows Server Applications to the Cloud in Three Easy Steps," May 28th at 2 p.m. EST. To register, visit: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/481983162. Interested users can also download a coupon good for $100 on the GoGrid cloud.

According to Paul Lancaster, Business Development Manager at GoGrid, "AppZero's technology simplifies the packaging of applications running on our cloud servers and replicates them in a way that is painless. This approach takes a lot of the costs out of provisioning applications, whether on a physical or virtual server, in the datacenter or on an internal or external cloud. We think the combination of AppZero and GoGrid will be of interest to our heavier cloud computing users. Because these users tend to use a hybrid model, they need an easy way to provision applications between internal and public clouds. This combination will also appeal to enterprises that want to get started on the GoGrid cloud in a way that's easy to use, without a lot of administration."

Greg O'Connor, President and CEO of AppZero, adds "GoGrid is carving out a growing reputation for its ease of use in enabling customers to use familiar datacenter approaches and tools to quickly set up a cloud infrastructure -- adding and deleting servers as the business requires. AppZero is a natural fit in this environment, permitting server applications to run without modification on any cloud. We make it easy for enterprises to take advantage of GoGrid's scalable resources on a pay-per-use basis, without cloud lock-in."

AppZero software creates, runs, and maintains VAAs in Linux, Solaris, and Windows environments. GoGrid customers can drag and drop AppZero VAAs from one cloud server to another, as well as from cloud to datacenter and back

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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