GoGrid and Stratonomic Partner to Enable Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Businesses now have a cost effective way to setup a failover site in the cloud for production web applications

San Francisco, CA August 18, 2009–GoGrid, the Cloud Computing and Cloud Infrastructure division of ServePath, today announced a strategic partnership with Stratonomic to offer Disaster Recovery (DR) in the cloud–Cloud Recovery–for hosted web applications. With Stratonomic and GoGrid, anyone can have an affordable, enterprise-level DR environment set up and available in the cloud.

The process of setting up a DR site is straight forward and easy. Stratonomic builds and maintains the DR environment in the GoGrid cloud. This includes configuring database replication, file system synchronization, and a monthly verification with an actual transaction that ensures the DR systems are fully operational and ready to take traffic. Stratonomic can also provide robust cloud hosting solutions that involve fully active secondary points of presence in the cloud utilizing global load balancing and hybrid cloud solutions, allowing companies to burst their peak traffic into the cloud sparing primary systems from being overloaded.

Businesses typically agree that they want a Disaster Recovery solution but many are daunted by the high cost to setup and maintain a functioning DR site. In the past, DR implementation and management could cost nearly as much as your primary point of presence and can be a very expensive and time consuming an endeavor to create. The partnership between GoGrid and Stratonomic allows businesses to benefit from a DR solution that takes advantage of the elasticity of the GoGrid cloud. This means that businesses don't have to manage additional server hardware resulting in substantial cost savings. Businesses only pay for what they use, making DR in the GoGrid cloud an effective and affordable DR solution.

"The GoGrid Cloud is an ideal on-ramp for companies looking to bolster their online presence, especially in conjunction with Stratonomic's Disaster Recovery solution," said John Keagy, CEO and Co-Founder of GoGrid. "Stratonomic's DR solutions within GoGrid provide unparalleled and critical peace-of-mind for any CTO, IT Manager or SysAdmin, ensuring that sites are always available, even when the unthinkable happens."

"Stratonomic is excited to partner with GoGrid a leader in cloud computing" said Ben Sharma, CEO and founder of Stratonomic. "GoGrid's outstanding cloud server and network infrastructure coupled with Stratonomic's unique Cloud Recovery solutions offer the best possible solution in Disaster Recovery."

Cloud Recovery Plans start at only $349.99/month and, depending on the service, includes:

  • Secondary data center location
  • Database replication
  • File system synchronization
  • Dynamic DNS failover
  • Global load balancing across primary and secondary sites
  • Monthly verification test
  • Monthly verification test report
  • Verification server(s)
  • 24 hour alert notification to your Web/IT team in the event of a disaster
  • Primary site monitoring from 2 separate locations

For additional information about the partnership between GoGrid and Stratonomic, or to learn more about disaster recovery in the cloud please contact Michael Sheehan or visit us online at www.gogrid.com.

To learn more about Cloud Recovery on GoGrid, please join us on August 25, 2009 at 2:00pm ET for a Webinar on Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions, hosted by Stratonomic.

To attend, please register at: http://events.meetingbridge.com/Register/?EventCode=06123114570

About Stratonomic

Stratonomic is the leader in cloud reliability solutions including Cloud Recovery . Stratonomic was founded by folks who have dozens of years of experience in building out and operating very large scale web operations with 1000s of servers in very large scale datacenter environments. This experience spans the gamut from social applications to highly secure and regulated financial service applications. Over the past 2 years, as cloud computing has become more robust and feasible, this group of entrepreneurs has been deeply involved in beta test programs from various cloud providers in an effort to help early adopters harness this incredible potential to improve their costs and raise their service levels. Their hands on and insider experience with cloud computing vendors is unparalleled.

PR publication date: 
Tuesday, August 18, 2009


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