GoGrid to Partner with hack/reduce, Boston's Big Data Hacker Space

Infrastructure-as-a-Service Leader Provides Cloud Infrastructure for High-Performance Applications Running Hadoop

San Francisco, Calif. - November 8, 2012 - GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced it is partnering with hack/reduce, a Cambridge, Massachusetts–based collaboration focused on Big Data technologies. GoGrid will provide hack/reduce members Big Data solutions that match requirements for running Hadoop, thereby streamlining application development.

hack/reduce is a nonprofit established in partnership with the State of Massachusetts plus local and global firms committed to innovation. hack/reduce works in collaboration with MIT, Harvard, and other universities as well as partners and the community to bring developers, data scientists, and domain experts across disciplines together to create the next generation of Big Data technologies and applications.

"GoGrid's Big Data solution will give hack/reduce members the performance edge they need to run huge applications plus the scalability to grow their businesses," said Chris Lynch, a member of hack/reduce's Board of Directors. "GoGrid's support is an important part of hack/reduce's operations and a key to unlocking the true potential of Big Data in the cloud."

GoGrid's Big Data solution is designed to offer the best of the cloud: high-performance compute combined with elasticity and scalability. Because the solution is fully integrated within GoGrid's cloud, hack/reduce members also get the flexibility to leverage additional features such as load balancers, firewalls, and global network capabilities to meet their needs. In addition, GoGrid's market-leading SLA and free 24/7 Support are included with this solution.

"We're excited the hack/reduce team chose GoGrid as the ideal platform to foster innovation in Boston," said chief marketing officer Jeffrey Samuels. "GoGrid provides reliable, high-performance infrastructure services specifically designed for Big Data applications in the cloud. We understand the demands of complex projects that leverage Big Data. Our solution provides the flexibility to meet unique project requirements while taking advantage of cloud elasticity to meet increased demand spikes—all with easy-to-use, consolidated management."

To learn more about GoGrid's Big Data Solutions, please visit: http://j.mp/PHUGQ5

To learn more about hack/reduce, please visit: http://www.hackreduce.org

PR publication date: 
Thursday, November 8, 2012


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