Wild Bamboo Rocket Delivers Customer Success with GoGrid

GoGrid Cloud Infrastructure Helps Web Applications Company Win New Clients with Faster Time-to-Market, Cost Competitiveness and a Broad Solution Offering

San Francisco, Calif., — August 26, 2011 — GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, announced today that Wild Bamboo Rocket, a consulting firm that specializes in rapidly delivering web apps and websites for Internet startups, is leveraging GoGrid's state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, excellent support and industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet their end customers' development needs at a lower cost and with faster results. Specifically, Wild Bamboo Rocket credits GoGrid with helping the company win new customers by offering faster time-to-market, cost competitiveness, and a broad solution offering.

"With GoGrid, I have a better chance of winning a new contract," said Hycel Taylor, CEO and Co-founder, Wild Bamboo Rocket. "The company's cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) gives our company a cost and uptime advantage, as well as the ability to have servers up and running quickly. Additionally, GoGrid's wide breadth of services allows us to handle everything from developing applications to providing the backend systems. The complete portfolio of services is something our competitors cannot offer."

In 2008, Wild Bamboo Rocket secured its first customer and the company was searching for an ideal cloud IaaS partner. Taylor expressed frustration as he met with other cloud IaaS vendors, citing subpar support, the lack of infrastructure configuration flexibility and downtime problems. When Taylor met with GoGrid, he knew the company would be a perfect fit. GoGrid offers a dedicated support team backed by a guarantee of reimbursing 10,000 percent for downtime. And the company's open architecture allows customers to easily build, deploy and remove applications and infrastructure, and provides critical features such as full administrative control — all at a competitive price point.

"Every company has its own unique set of cloud infrastructure requirements and those requirements can often change quickly as business landscapes fluctuate," said Jeffrey Samuels, Chief Marketing Officer at GoGrid. "GoGrid offers customers like Wild Bamboo Rocket infrastructure solutions that help companies quickly adapt to meet customer needs in a cost efficient manner. Wild Bamboo Rocket is a great example of how a business can truly leverage the right cloud infrastructure as a core benefit of their service offerings. This flexibility is a huge competitive advantage for GoGrid as we continue to drive cloud adoption."

Over the last two years, Wild Bamboo Rocket has set up multiple server topologies with GoGrid. The Wild Bamboo Rocket team found GoGrid's web interface very easy to use for quick deployment of virtual and dedicated servers and is also currently establishing a geographic failover capability within GoGrid's East Coast data center to complement the primary infrastructure on the West Coast.

To read the full GoGrid & Wild Bamboo Rocket case study, please visit: http://j.mp/oZPQhO.

PR publication date: 
Friday, August 26, 2011


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